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1833 valuation abandoned on Chattahoochee River.

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A List of Claims for Improvements &c Continued

No. 464

The United States DO Spoliation

To Lick-nes-kee of Hickory Log Dist


For 1 house 18 by 20 feet round logs floor & chimney cabin roof

“ 1 house 14 feet by 16 split logs chimney and cabin roof

“ 1 house 18 feet square chimney & cabin roof

“ 1 house 14 feet square cabin roof

“ 1 “ 20 feet square chimney and cabin roof

“ 1 “ 14 feet by 18 cabin roof

“ 18 acres of cleared land under good fence with Chattahoochee River all river bottom


The above improvement was at Standing Peach Tree on the Chattahoochee River was dispossessed in the year 1820


Personally came before me Thomas Wooddall & Edward Still of the Cherokee nation east and solemnly affirmed that the foregoing statement of claims against the United States for improvements and is just and true to the best of their knowledge and belief


Affirmed to before me this the 10th of September 1838

George Still Sr. Agent for Col. Claims

Thos Wooddall his X mark

Edward Still his X mark

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