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Heirs of Kun-tee-ler


TSLA BOOK C - Claim 931.2/932.1
TSLA BOOK C - Claim 932.2/933.1
Transcription Document

No. 932

The United States DO

To George Still of Hickory Log Dist, Georgia

Gordon for Chuh-uh-Kee-sky and Yeasweeutua Walter and Sakee


“ 1 darke(?) bay horse | 200.00

“ 1 chestnut sorrel horse | 100.00

“ 1 clay bank pony | 30.00

“ 1 bay horse 5 years old | 50.00

“ 1 black horse 1 “ “ | 50.00

“ 40 head of cattle $10 per head | 400.00

“ 50 “ of hogs at $5 per head | 250.00

“ 40 “ “ DO $5 | 200.00

Total | 1280.00


The Claimant George Still Gordon for the heirs of Kun-tee-ler claims the foregoing property as the above named persons. The above named property has all been stolen by citizens of the United States in the year 1819 as well as claimant recollects the other was taken in the year 1834 by the same unknown person to claimant claimant states that in 1831 that the above named cattle was taken by citizens of the United States unknown to claimant the hogs in the above was also taken in the year 1831 also the last 40 head was taken in the same year


Personally came before me Black Henry and Crow and Nick Proctor of the Cherokee Nation East and solemnly affirmed that they were well acquainted with the above named property and that it was taken by citizens of the United States as charged to the best of their knowledge and belief


Affirmed to me 14th day of Sept 1838

George Still Sr Assistant Agt for Col. Claims
Black Henry his X mark

Crow his X mark

Nick Proctor his X mark

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