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No. 37

The United States Do

To Nelly (Of Hickory log Dist)


For Dwelling house, round logs cabin roof, dirt floor, wooden chimney, door & shutter 15 feet square

1 Do corn crib 6 feet square

2 corn fields 16 Acres, bottom land

20 Peach Trees Bearing

2 Apple Trees not bearing

½ acre cow pen

Dispossessed of the above improvements in the spring of 1837

1 Dwelling Hewed logs 14 feet by 16 with floor & cabin roof 1 kitchen 12 feet y 14, wooden chimney 2 Fields 19 Acres Bottom land

1 Corn crib 6 feet by 8

15 Peach Trees bearing


Personally came before me Coon & Che-who-loo-gee of the Cherokee Nation East and solemnly affirmed that the foregoing statements of claims against the United States for improvements are just and true to the best of their knowledge and belief


Affirmed to before me this 17 day of August 1838

Moses Daniels Agent for collecting claims

Coon his x mark

Che-who-loo-gee his x mark

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